“The Mona Lisa Code” ?

Yet another writer has laid claim to the ideas of the best selling novel The DaVinci code.

Straight off his legal win in a British lawsuit claiming that The DaVinci Code was plagiarized, Dan Brown finds himself immersed in another round of accusations in Russia. St. Petersburg scientist Mikhail Anikin claims that it was he that first decoded the Mona Lisa and coined the phrase “The DaVinci Code�? and he’s ready to take the best selling author to task for stealing his ideas. Anikin thinks that Brown may have stolen his theories after he shared them with a friend in 1998 during the exhibition of an American painter in St. Petersburg. He claims that he told his friend that his works could be used in a fiction work but only if he was credited. Like the British case, Anikin says that he published a book in 2000, which laid down the ideas for Brown’s book. Anikin’s theory of “decoding�? the Mona Lisa revolve around the famous painting being an allegory for the Christian Church.

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4 comments on ““The Mona Lisa Code” ?

  1. calvin says:

    i bought the davinci code the game and im trying to unlock the code bihind the mona lisa

  2. juan says:

    hey i was just wondering if anyone knew why mona lisa isnt smiling ? ive been searching and searching and ive only found out that ive been screwed over my the stupid movie about the de vinci code and that julia roberts movie

    please email me back at Forutnatefew@hotmail.com

  3. nany says:

    where does the mona lisa fit in with the davinci code? and is it true that the painting shows both man and women in it?

  4. Scott Lund says:

    Anyone interested in taking this discussion to the next level can visit http://www.ScottLund.com. There you will find The Mona Lisa Code for real.

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