Can you name the five major religions?

Or maybe who Moses was. What do you kids know?

Nationwide, worldwide there is a lack of basic general knowledge. When Jay Leno did a walk around segment he got back answers like De Generes was a book of the bible, Adam & Eve had no children and that Moby Dick was swallowed by the whale.

As we know the Da Vinci COde asserts that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and fathered children, the Bible was doctored by church leaders in order to control the Roman Empire and oppress women, nobody believed Jesus was divine until it became politically expedient, and the Catholic Church has worked for centuries to keep all of this a deep, dark secret.

Great discussion topics for the family. Great way to improve your kids general knowledge. Even if they just learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction you ahve done a good job!

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