The Last Supper and it’s clues!

It is claimed in the novel that Leonardo da Vinci included cryptic messages in his paintings and designs and that these included celebrations of the sacred feminine. last_supper.jpg 1. Is this evidence for Peter’s rivalry with Mary Magdalene? Peter’s hand is slicing through the air in what appears to be a menacing fashion. Metaphorically, Da Vinci might be intending to comment on the struggle that took place to control Jesus’s religious movement after his death. There is some evidence in the Nag Hammadi codices to suggest that Peter was jealous of Mary’s important role in the continuance of Jesus’s mission.  2. According to The Da Vinci Code, as well as some other sources, the letter ‘M’ represents either Mary Magdalene or ‘matrimony’ (from the Latin matrimonium), or both.  3. Is the figure on Jesus’s right really the apostle John… or is it a woman? Was placing this Mary Magdalene figure on Jesus’s right – the most important position in relation to the figure of Jesus – Leonardo’s vision of where she ought to have been? 4. Note the disembodied hand hanging in the air. Does this have a symbolic meaning? Is it an image, for instance, of Peter’s real feelings towards Mary Magdalene? 5. Note that the clothing worn by Jesus and Mary are mirror images in terms of the red and blue fabrics. 6. The 90-degree  angle that can be drawn between Jesus and Mary Magdalene suggests a ‘V’. In The Da Vinci Code, as well as in several non-fiction sources, this is the archetypal symbol for the vagina, chalice, womb and female sexuality.   7. Note that there is no central chalice at the table, although people often do not notice that the famous cup of the Grail story is missing. In the painting, each figure has a cup of his own. It is jokingly suggested in The Da Vinci Code is that Leonardo "forgot to include the Holy Grail".  8. In formal ritual and ceremony, red and blue are often seen as royal colors, and their use here could be suggesting a royal bloodline. There is some evidence to suggest that Mary was a descendant of the royal house of Benjamin, and it is known that Jesus was the direct heir to the royal line of David of the House of Judah. Blue is also considered to be representative of fidelity, spiritual love and truth.  In The Da Vinci Code, the painting under scrutiny is The Last Supper. It is claimed that the figure on Jesus’s right is not the apostle John, but Mary Magdalene, and that the two central figures, the postulated Mary Magdalene and the figure of Jesus, form the inner sides of a large ‘M’ for Mary. This enclosing ‘M’ shape is interpreted as confirming the importance of Mary Magdalene in Jesus’s life. She is the only woman present and, as first apostle, sits at his right hand.   It is pointed out that there is no chalice on the table, and this is interpreted to mean that the chalice was nonetheless there… in the person of Mary Magdalene, the chalice being her womb, the sacred Sangreal, in which she carried the bloodline of Jesus. It is suggested that the 90-degree ´V’ sign that can be drawn between her and Jesus is another cryptic Da Vinci device symbolising the chalice, the sangreal, the womb of Mary Magdalene. The ‘V’ and inverted ‘V’ signs were not uncommonly used symbolically to indicate the female and male principles.  If the figure in the painting is the apostle John, as has been generally accepted to this point, he is a curiously feminine figure, although young, unbearded men were often presented in somewhat androgynous terms in the style of the day. On the other hand, if the slender, narrow-shouldered, feminine figure had been designated Mary Magdalene in the first place, it is doubtful whether anyone would have queried her gender. That could leave us with a numerical difficulty, but we have to remember that the painting is Leonardo’s creation. If he intended the figure to be Mary Magdalene, then his placing of her next to Jesus indicates that he considered this to be her rightful place.  Further, in terms of this theory, it was Mary who was intended to be the founder of the Church that would carry forward the teachings of Jesus, not Peter. It seems doubtful whether Leonardo was anti-Christian as is sometimes suggested. He makes many references to God in his work. Sharan Newman describes him as being probably “a Christian in an absent-minded way”, although he was firmly against such against Church practices as the selling of indulgences.  It is difficult to see the erratic, free-spirited, independent Leonardo as Master of an organisation like the described Priory of Sion. One of Leonardo’s problems, made clear by his phenomenal range of sketches and notes, was that he was not a finisher. He was always too tempted by visions of his next project or the possibilities of some invention. It is doubtful whether any project would have held his interest for long. However, it is just possible that the mystery of a secret organisation like the Priory of Sion – if it ever existed in the way that Dan Brown describes – might have fascinated him for a time.    He left thousands of notebooks filled with drawings, designs and sketches. His ingenuity was endless, and his imagination so fertile that he designed many of the inventions that could only be manufactured centuries later when the technology was available. It is true, however, that many of the Renaissance painters incorporated cryptic elements into their paintings. It was fashionable to do so. It was also common for them to use Phi, the Divine Proportion (1.618) as it was called, and the Fibonacci sequences in spatial calculations. This kind of game would have delighted a man of Leonardo’s temperament, especially if he were introducing symbols that would have outraged many if interpreted.  The painter, Nicolas Poussin, a staunch admirer of Pythagoras, was one of those who enjoyed the ancient practice of preserving wisdom through the use of geometry, and he demonstrated this clearly in his most famous painting, Les Bergers d’Aracdie II. Apart from the use of geometry in the design of their paintings, many Renaissance artists used ‘sacred’ symbols freely in their work in such ways that they were unobtrusively part of the scene: a rose might have secret significance, usually in relationship to the Holy Grail or the Order of Rosicrucians; and fingers held in a certain way or touching some part of the body or face might indicate a secret greeting or have some other meaning to those able to recognise it for what it was. Leonardo da Vinci often wrote in mirror writing, but it is doubtful whether this was intended to be cryptic as is sometimes suggested. It was too obviously simple to read. It was far more likely that he was left-handed and found writing in this style easy. In fact, he made it clear that he intended to publish much of his writing at some time in the future, but – like many creative people whose minds overflow with more ideas than they can ever work through – he never reached the stage of compiling his written work into publishable books.

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  1. Jared Clark says:

    If you’re wondering where the “missing” apostle is, the one apparently replaced by marie magnaline (idont care if I spelled it wrong), simon wasn’t added as an apostle until he caried jesus’ cross for him up calvary hill. He never even knew jesus before that. He wasn’t at the last supper.

  2. bobby says:

    my faith is torn, i am a man of science and faith and we are finding more physical proof and less prapaganda with da vinci. gotta love the guy all these years later still cuasing a ster. but for a man not discreting jesus, has a lot of christian upset.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Well, Christ had 12 disciples, right? When I count the people in the picture (not including Jesus) there are twelve people. Was Mary Magdalene, if this is indeed her, a disciple? If she wasn’t, where was the twelfth disciple? I mean, he couldn’t have just vanished. /Unless/ if this disciple is elsewhere…I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to read the Bible…
    There is a great possibility that this figure is indeed John, Christ’s diciple. It continues to bewilder me.

  4. Caitlin says:

    If you’re wondering where the “missing” apostle is, the one apparently replaced by marie magnaline (idont care if I spelled it wrong), simon wasn’t added as an apostle until he caried jesus’ cross for him up calvary hill. He never even knew jesus before that. He wasn’t at the last supper.
    – – – – –
    Oh! Thank you! I should have read these posts better…
    Then this person /must/ be Mary of Magdalene.
    This is eternally fascinating…

  5. richy cleland says:

    it was never mentioned that deciples had to be male although.teachers are male and female lovers male and female,life couldnt continue without male and females.
    the chalice if the womb of mary is female all vessels are but the vessel has to be fullfilled by need,at the end of the day we all need to be filled with love does this really matter where the challice belongs in hand or on table

  6. khaled says:

    jesus has more then 12 disciples but they never included the females becuz they werent worth anything at that time, btw im a musliim, but im telling you what my christian religion teacher told us

  7. Paul Vachier says:

    What do you make of this? Perfect Templar Crosses appear in the Last Supper when 4 images are superimposed together:

  8. thrandur says:

    There is an interesting theory made by the Italian cryptographer Giancarlo Gianazza. He thinks the Holy Grail is hidden in the Icelandic highlands and has been since 1217:

  9. M. DeRicci says:

    Everyone knows the Holy Grail is in Canada!! It’s been here ever since Henry Sinclair brought it from Scotland in the 14th Century and a family of Oak Island treasure hunters may have found it and hid it in Ontario somewhere on the Bruce Trail in honour of Robert Bruce.
    A Toronto Grail author has evidence that the Grail is on the Bruce and clues to it’s exact location may be contained in a Dante Rossetti painting, Damsel of the Sanct Grael. I won’t tell you more because I’m looking into it for myself but I WILL tell you Damsel may not indicate the Grail is a woman. I’m working on the assumption it could be the Manna Machine because a damsel is also a part of a mill. See for the article on the machine theory translate from German by the English engineer who first came up with the idea.

  10. M. DeRicci says:

    New developments in the search for the Holy Grail have led me away from the Manna Machine Theory and back to the Grail as Woman. The Grail MAY in fact be a woman. Or at least a statuette a woman.
    A female figurine may have already surfaced in Toronto, on St. Clair of course, since the Grail came from the Sinclairs of Rosslyn, discovered by a Grail hunter following cryptic clues in an anonymous poem called Ecce Femina. The poem contains a reference to an organ master who may be Casavant and we have a Church on St. Clair with a Casavant. Could that be where it was hidden?…(And all this time I was looking on the Bruce Trail near Guelph Line because Dante was a Guelph! Talk about the 9th Circle!)
    The provenance of this “Grail” statuette is somehow connected to Deer Park but where it is now, I don’t know. I don’t even know if it exists.
    I never believed that woman stuff or that Goddess thing from the Davinci Code. I thought the Sacred Goddess stuff was just an Italian thing. You know: The Code of the Italians? Old School of course. Yo!

  11. SickertCode says:

    A prostitute named Mary?
    A child by said prostitute?
    An artist with a code about said prostitute and child?
    The Freemasons?

    The Davinci Code?
    No, the Sickert Code!
    Holy Blood, Holy Grail was published a decade after Stephen Knight’s controversial book, Jack the Ripper, The Final Solution, which detailed the Ripper Royal Conspiracy as told to the author by artist Richard Sickert’s illegitimate son Joseph. The parallels are amazingly similar. I have to think they are directly related.

  12. Oak Island says:



    Theory points to possible connection with nearby Birch Island


    HALIFAX, Nova Scotia: Monday March 3rd, 2008 – –
    For the past two centuries, the tunnels of Nova Scotia’s Oak Island have piqued the imagination of historians and treasure hunters alike. Now, a new theory by First Nations researcher Keith Ranville may add fresh speculation to the mystery. Based on a unique reading of an inscription once found in the “Money Pit,” Mr. Ranville believes that the answer to the riddle may be found on nearby Birch Island.

    Oak Island, located on the scenic Mahone Bay about an hour’s drive south of the provincial capital of Halifax, has been associated with buried treasure since the late 18th century. Local settlers reportedly found a ship’s tackle block hanging from a tree branch, overhanging a large depression in the ground. Early efforts to dig down failed when the diggers encountered layers of timber every 10 feet. In the ensuing generations, several organized excavation attempts have drilled down nearly 200 feet, en route encountering some artifacts within the staggered layers of logs, clay, putty, charcoal, flagstones and most perplexingly, coconut husks. Among the scores of enthusiastic treasure hunters was a young Franklin Roosevelt, one of the investors in a 1909 excavation attempt. During the earlier diggings of 1800’s, the tunnel had become flooded by seawater – which many believed was the result booby trap being sprung – thus complicating further digging since then. A drilling effort in the mid 1800’s was said to have uncovered fragments of a gold chain. In 1971, a camera was lowered into the pit and reportedly captured images of wooden chests and human remains.

    One of the most fascinating artifacts from the pit was said to be a flat stone recovered at the 90 foot depth, carrying a mysterious inscription. A fragment of stone with similar symbols was found nearby in Smith’s Cove in the 1930’s. The stone tablet itself has gone missing, but a record of its symbols remains. Until now, the consensus is that the symbols are a code translated as “forty feet below two million pounds are buried.” However, Keith Ranville’s theory offers a different interpretation as to the stone’s symbols, which could lead to a new explanation of the Oak Island mystery.

    “I believe these symbols have been incorrectly assumed to stand for something else. In the First Nations tradition that I’m a part of, we believe symbols should simply be looked at in and of themselves, rather than thinking of them as codes that have to be cracked,” Mr. Ranville explained. “In the pictograms of Cree Salavics, for example, the images are meant to be descriptive, not abstract.” Using this approach, Mr. Ranville examined the Oak Island symbols and found what may be a set of instructions about a tunnel system involving both Oak Island and nearby Birch Island.

    For example, the stone inscription begins with a triangle symbol, which is repeated throughout. Mr. Ranville believes that this represents nearby Birch Island, which has a distinctly triangular clearing on its north shore. Likewise, a symbol showing a circle divided into two hemispheres can be thought of as representing north/south directional markers. A series of dots in singles, pairs and triplets may be quantitative symbols. Examining all the symbols in this way, Mr. Ranville believes that the symbols on the Money Pit’s stone tablet are actually technical instructions describing the location and layout of a possible underground network involving both Oak Island and Birch Island. “There was a fragment of another stone tablet that was found on Oak Island’s Smith Cove in the 1930’s,” Mr. Ranville explained. “It too has these types of symbols, but one in particular appears to be a Greek symbol designating ‘underwater door’. In conjunction with the other symbols, I believe this points to underwater doors and additional shafts on Birch Island itself.” Smith’s Cove is on the part of Oak Island that is closest to Birch Island, and is said to have yielded several artifacts itself over the years. “Based on the inscribed symbols, I think we should be looking at Oak Island and Birch Island together in order to solve the mystery. If Birch Island proves to have underwater doors and tunnels around its triangular clearing, then it would be a huge step forward in our understanding of what Oak Island is all about.”

    There have been many, occasionally bizarre, theories as to what the Oak Island tunnels may contain: a Masonic vault containing the Holy Grail, Viking or Pirate booty, Inca treasure, the French Royal Crown Jewels, payroll for colonial British soldiers or even the secret writings of Francis Bacon. Mr. Ranville prefers not to speculate. “Those are interesting and sometimes funny theories, but I’d rather just look at the evidence that we do have, and go from there.”

    Mr. Ranville is a self-taught researcher born in Manitoba. While living in Vancouver, he became acquainted with the Oak Island mystery and began studying it. In October 2005, he relocated to Nova Scotia to further research and advance his theories on the subject.

    Both Oak Island and Birch Island are private property, and access must be sought by permission of the landowners.

  13. M. Dericci says:

    Symbology is a unexplored method to solving the Oak Island mystery, all the more so if it’s White people using these symbols which is highly unusual. It’s good to see someone is going that “Professor Langdon” route. Thank you, Mr. Ranville.

    A Freemason solution has to be considered and possible Masonic symbols on the island studied for geometric patterns AND for their intrinsic meaning.
    I understand the geometry of Nolan’s cross points to Francis Bacon. The essential meaning of the stone cross has to do with the Kabbalistic Book of Life or the Secret Book of Nature which Bacon, as an early scientist, was in a sense trying to discover.

  14. Sickertcode says:

    Mr. Ranville,
    I’ve looked at your Google Earth image of Birch Island at the link you provided in the above post and I’ll say that the man-made impression looks more like a MITRE-SQUARE than it does a triangle. Take the coastline as the square. It’s a perfect right angle. With the triangle, it forms a perfect mitre-square symbol of the Masons visible from the air.
    You really do have something there. Masons marking their territory, couldn’t resist using an island nearby with a right angle coastline.

  15. M. Dericci says:

    Interesting to see that Birch Island is owned by CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE, brother of Michael “English Patient” Ondaatje. The English Patient deals with archeologists in Egypt. Wasn’t the inscribed stone prophyry which is found in Egypt and was it really written in Egyptian-Coptic?
    Sir HENRY Sinclair of Rosslyn who came to Canada pre-Columbus was from a family of the neo-Templar SCOTS GUARD and Mary Jane Kelly of Ripper fame said she had a brother Henry who was a Scots Guard. Was she trying to tell people she was related to Henry Sinclair? Was the treasure for the prophesied return of King Arthur?

  16. Sickertcode says:

    I hear Prince William is descended from a King Arthur candidate, Owen from Wales, through Princess Di. Is he the prophesied one?
    Wales, Knightsbridge, Paris….Still more interesting comparisons with Mary Jane Kelly. But the only Arthur I heard her connected to was Arthur Sullivan and the only Roslyn was Roslyn Donston Stephenson! I guess I should study Richard Sickert’s paintings like Lazarus Breaks His Fast.
    Why study The Last Supper for codes for Mary Magdalene. At least newspapers reported Mary Jane Kelly had a child and there’s a lot more chance Sickert knew HIS Mary. Paintings like Mrs. Barrett and X’s Affiliation Order are all said to be about her.
    You’d think Davinci Code came first because Dacinci came first but all evidence points to Sickert Code being published first.

  17. I’ve looked at both the Gnostic Gospels of Philip and Mary and neither have any mention of a child of Mary and Jesus. You may be right then. The Gospel of Philip doesn’t even actually say if he kissed her on the mouth.
    As for painters with codes, that is non-existant.
    A painter with a code however exist in the canon of Ripperology, since 1970. Maybe “Holy Blood and Holy Grail” does stem from Stephen Knight’s Ripper book.
    We’re presently debunking the whole Roslyn Donston Hoax on the Ripper sites but we may have to give Roslyn some credit. What’s in a pseudonym?
    ROSSLYN is the reputed site of the Holy Grail. DUNSTON was the Abbot of Glastonbury, reputed site of the Grail.
    The deeper element of the Grail story played out on the dark stage of Whitechapel and Roslyn Donston tapped into it on some level like the Ripper. Jack ripped into the Arthurian side by killing Celtic Mary and mocking neo-Templar Masons. Donston bore witness in letters and Sickert on canvas.

  18. Poussin Code says:

    I believe the original BBC Ripper documentary about the then-new Richard Sickert Conspiracy Theory was done in 1973.
    Henry Lincoln was a BBC producer at the time and did the original documentary on Rennes-le-Chateau PRIOR to that date right after he read the de Sede book “The Accursed Treasure” in 1969.
    Nicolas Poussin, painter of “The Shepherds Of Arcadia”, is the featured artist in that version of the story, not Davinci. That part is based in fact if the priest Sauniere purchased it.
    A painter with a code, not Davinci or Sickert, was already associated with the a Grail/bloodline story BEFORE the Sickert documentary and the Stephen Knight Ripper book published in 1978 and long before Davinci Code. That painter was Poussin.

  19. M. Dericci says:

    “The Shepherds of Arcadia”?
    Oak Island, alleged resting place of the Holy Grail, is in Arcadia.

  20. M. Dericci says:

    The BBC documentary with the painter Poussin “holding the key” was aired in 1972. The key he held was to a mysterious treasure, the Gold of Rennes.
    Sickert with his paintings holding clues to a secret Royal child was on the BBC in 1973. 5 years before anything similar. He was the first painter every mentioned with a code about a special offspring, not Davinci or Poussin.
    Davinci and Poussin, or their theorists, take this Sickert formula to a whole new level adding religious and mythical overtones with much more effect. On some level or some levels, it has to be true.

  21. Roslyn Whitechapel says:

    I’ve always been interested in the Roslyn/Jacobite- the-Ripper theory and its connection with the Davinci Code. It’s been around for 4 years at least. Now they’re calling it Arthurian instead of Jacobite but it’s the same thing. It’s far-fetched though.
    Oak Island may even be connected somehow through the Hanovers like King Luneburg, who gave his name to Lunenburg, the Oak Island county. Commissioner Charles Warren, in charge of the murder case, may have uncovered some Templar treasure in a Hanoverian sponsored dig and Roslyn Donston may have thought the treasure belonged rightfully to the Stuarts whom the Jacobites supported.
    It’s hard to tell the players apart. I sort them out this way: Jacobite=Arthurian=Masonic.

  22. Oak Island Golddigger says:

    The Oak Islanders have no treasure and people are starting to catch on. That’s why attention is moving elsewhere. Like Birch Island and Roslyn Donston conspiracies.
    There’s no reason for the OI treasure to still be there. Did King George leave it there and then go mad and forget about it? Doubt it. A secret repository for sacred truths is far-fetched and the theory that the treasure was lost in an anhydrite bedrock blow-out catastrophe with the flood tunnel built to cover up an engineering blunder holds no water.
    The Masons built everything according to Jerusalem pattern and the Money Pit system would have been their version of Hezekiah’s water tunnels. The pit was designed to flood, booby-trapped on purpose, and not flooded by an accident they covered up. Subsequent works up to 1795 were not recovery attempts but simple recoveries of an operating treasure pit. In out in out in out. Nothing left.

  23. De Ricci says:

    The stone inscribed 1704 points to Joseph Dudley as the Money Pit builder. He was governor of Massachusetts at the time and suspected of being involved with illicit trade with traders and pirates. He needed a place to hide the loot. He’d have built an elaborate bank vault on an island hidden in a bay so he could work without prying eyes and make deposits and withdrawals. In out in out, as you say, Golddigger.
    Dudley placed Masonic symbols and tributes to his relative Francis Bacon (father really Robert Dudley) for good measure. On Birch Island too, it seems, according to Mr. Ranville.
    That’s the theory anyway.
    (n.b. Dudley built a Kabbalistic Tree of Life out of stones on the island and the Tree of Life does figure prominently in “Foucault’s Pendulum”, inspiration for the Davinci Code. Whatever.)
    With none if any treasure or mystery left on Oak Island, Birch island should be looking for a new mystery. Any suggestions besides mine which involves the Triangle or Mitre-Square?
    P.S. I notice DAVID Ondaatje is doing a remake of Hichcock’s Ripper movie, The Lodger. I don’t think he’s related to the owner of Birch Island though.

  24. Outsider says:

    Ancestral connections can be made to them through the Earls of Carnarvon who were Rothschilds, Arthur’s friends and a very good Mary Jane Kelly’s family’s masters. Ripperologists Cantor, Rubenstein and Feldman all believe the Ripper Diary genuine and believe JtR was James Maybrick, brother to the composer second only to Arthur Sullivan, friend of Lady Coutts Lindsay, Rothschild. i think there may be another connection though the French servants of a master builder of organs. (Pierre Fund, 1881 England Census,) Arthur Sullivan was an organ builder too. And a freemason.
    National Treasure Book of Secrets Secret History of the Freemasons angered me with its suggestion that the only links to Freemasonry in the Ripper murders were the Juwes graffito and Mitre Square. 3 of 5 murders had suspicious Masonic action on the part of doctors, coronors or police.

  25. Grail Knight of America says:

    swords at sunset co writer Joelle lauriol which means halo has a genealogy mentioned in holy blood holy grail. she comes from a grail area in southern france and answered an ad by michael bradley to help in his grail project. she’s almost like the girl in davinci code and she even has no memory of her childhood up to age 13, Bradley thinks maybe she was brainwashed “sombody somewhere was into kidnapping French girls erasing their childhood memories, somehow programming them with a very definit personality and also providing them with a good education. Were Rosicrusians into that sort of thing?” swords page 28. she used to be a mormon who follow a text of pre-columbian isrealites in America and have a genealogical record of jesus and more than one wife. they seem to assert t hat his children with mary magdalene were cursed and not the grail and were outraged by bradleys book.

  26. DeRicci says:

    Yet another connection between Oak Island and the crimes of Whitechapel: We already saw how the island next to Oak Island has a mitre square carved in it and the fourth murder was in Mitre Square. Well, Oak Island has a vesica pisces, the overlay of the Tree of Life, as per the pattern of the Ripper crimes according to a Roslyn Donston author. This is a definite Holy Grail symbol. Two circles intersecting to form a fish symbol in the centre used by early Christians.

  27. DeRicci says:

    Anyone wondering if Governor of Massachusetts Joseph Dudley could have left the Masonic symbols on Oak island in 1704, let me point out that the first KNOWN Freemason in America was Massachusetts governor Jonathan Belcher in 1730. If there were any masons before that, I think Dudley would be one of them.

  28. Randione says:

    Southern Ontario appears to be the epicentre of North American Grail Questers outside of California where Dan Brown certainly got his Grail Consciousness.
    -Grail Knight, Michael Bradley is from Southern Ontario as is his field partner since she moved there from France.
    -The people behind the Family Tomb of Jesus, James Cameron and Simcha Jacobivici, are from Southern Ontario.
    -The latest Oak Island treasure hunters are from a company in Detroit (you can’t get any closer).

  29. GrailKnight8 says:

    Don’t forget Mark Finnan of The Sinclair Saga and other books. He’s from S. Ontario too.
    Grail author Joseph Goering is a Professor at the University of Toronto.
    GrailKnight7 calls this group the GKoSO. Grail Knights of Southern Ontario.
    I hear they have made discoveries related to Roslyn with one S (maybe James Cameron would like to follow-up) and are now returning to the core investigation of Rosslyn with 2 Ss.

  30. cunts vagina sauce says:

    i think what some people are forgetting is that Da Vinci was a brilliant man but he made a painting of the last supper and people are misinterpreting things. how would he know what the holy grail was or anything else, he was a painter and great inventor, but he wasn’t a freakin psychic

  31. Detective Cross says:

    For those who think Da Vinci Code is a hoax, please watch the movie Along Came A Spider, directed by Lee Tamahori from the James Patterson novel and released in 2001, two years BEFORE The Da Vinci Code. You have people searching for a missing girl with a code. A picture of Lindbergh is missing on the wall and next to it is–guess what painting! See below.
    The books may be fiction but how do you explain the many disappearances, especially of young girls, attributed to Grailer and Da Vinci Code types. Elizabeth Smart was abducted by a former Mormon. The LDS, with its lost tribes of Isreal, is associated with the Grail by Da Vinci Coders and the church attracts them. Not the church’s fault.


  32. Bryan M says:

    Here’s another example from movies:
    Sinclair clan of Rosslyn holds secret of Jesus’ female descendant….
    Name of man who buys missing girl in movie Taken: St. Clair.
    For an honest portrait of Da Vinci Code, read:

  33. SK says:

    In Superman Returns, a human Superman much like a human Jesus has a son who is captured and threatened.

    In Amber Man, the villain Lady Bug abducts children and hides them in places based on name game associations with the Holy Grail.

    The Shack also has an abductor of children named Lady Bug and his symbol is a red arch, which is supposed to symbolize the bug but upturned is a cup.

  34. OTC2 says:

    Find the MS or the Boy disappears forever.
    “What does MS mean?” asked Joe Whitefish.

    “I don’t know,” I replied looking at the ransom note.
    “MS could be an abbreviation for manuscript or Mormon Scriptures, so maybe MS is the lost Book of Mormon. But it CAN’T be the Book of Mormon. They haven’t found the original inscribed tablets in 200 years, if they even exist. So I don’t know what MS is.”

    “Are you a Mormon?”

    “I was raised a member of the Latter Day Saints but I left 25 years ago. Are YOU a Mormon?”

    “No. I came here to see the man with two wives.”

    “I had two wives, one at a time and I divorced both of them. I left the church when my daughter disappeared.”

    Joe knew that my daughter Nicole disappeared 25 years ago. Now my son was missing, kidnapped from Mormon Hill and it looked like the same person did it. That gave me an idea.

    “My daughter!” I exclaimed. “That’s it. The ransom note! It’s not MS. It’s Ms. Find the Ms. Amberman took my daughter 25 years ago and now he wants me to find her to get Bobby back. She could still be alive somewhere. Now I just have to find her and I’ll have both my kids back.”

    Joe Whitefish and I climbed atop Cumorah Hill next to the Palmyra temple with the statue of the angel Moroni. The angel with the trumpet shone amber and bronze atop a 25 foot white pillar. The beautiful scenery stretched out before us like a giant landscape painting. It was late evening and almost everyone was at the Cumorah Pageant Site south of the temple. The only tourists left were a couple of counter-culture types armed with compasses, looking up at Moroni and taking sightings. I told them about my missing son and asked them if they knew anything. They had just arrived from Canada and didn’t know anything. I asked them what they were doing.

    “We’re checking the direction of Moroni’s Trumpet to see if it points anywhere,” said one of the young men. “Some Mormons say there might be a dark secret hidden in the direction where Moroni points.”
    “So what direction is he pointing?” I asked.

    “This one points east which is like most Temples.”

    I walked to the east side of the Temple and panned the scene. I looked at all the landmarks on the east side, searching for anything out of place. Everything seemed normal, trees and shrubs, a roadway, and rocks and fields. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Joe followed and walked up beside me skeptically.

    “Couple of nut bars!” he said. “Maybe you should report them.”

    “I think they might have a point. My daughter was taken by a Mormon, I’m sure. Maybe Moroni is the next clue leading us to where to look for Nicole.” I continued scanning and focused on a single tree on the other side of the field below. “I think I see something. There, on that tree! It looks like a carving!”

    I made directly for the tree which turned out to be another old elm, like the one in the Sacred Grove of Joseph Smith with the ransom note pinned on it. A strange symbol was carved into the thick bark…A circle with an intersecting semi-circle and letters or words. EL. INRI. And MAN.
    “EL is God, INRI is Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. Man is Ma—Wait a second, this spells Marin. M-A-R-I-N!”
    The scrambled letters of my last name were grouped together at the bottom half of the symbol. The rest was easy.
    “It’s my daughter’s name in symbol. And look! Here’s another clue,” I said, pointing to an upright rock next to the tree.

    It was a long piece of red granite, stood up in that position on purpose. It wasn’t the usual sign of Amberman. The stone meant something though, and I knew what it was. The sign of the Oneida.
    Oneida Indian legend tells the story of how their tribe disappeared when they were chased on foot by their enemies and how it was believed they turned themselves into standing stones. Oneida means Standing=Stones.
    “The Oneida are the People of the Standing Stones and Oneida is east of here. Nicole might be on the Oneida Nation Reserve. Her mother was half Indian. She could well fit in.”

    “What a coincidence!” said Joe. “I’m Oneida. And I know an ex Mormon from the Oneida Nation who has a white daughter…”

    We took it as a sign from God or from Amberman and decided to follow the direction of the trumpet into the woods. It WAS a sign. From the Sacred Hill of Grace, Moroni was leading us right to Bobby. He was hidden in the lost cave of Cumorah. The cave is where the untranslated tablets of Mormonism are kept. It isn’t not on Cumorah Hill but nearby.

    The Cave of Cumorah is more like an apartment carved in the ground than a cave, complete with a table. The room was lit by an unseen source of light by which I could see my son tied to a chair in the corner. “Bobby!” I cried, and I was about to rush to his side until Joe stopped me.
    He knew this was the legendary cave of Joseph Smith, or an exact carbon copy created by Amberman. The untranslated Tablets of Mormonism were hidden here along with the Sword of Laban. The tablets were there on the table. But where was the sword? The sword was supposed to be lying across the tablets but only its sheath was on the table.

    Suddenly, someone swung a sword at us. It was the missing Sword of Laban. The sharp steel slashed through the air and hit—a standing stone. Joe had disappeared. The sword wielder, a swarthy white man wearing buffalo horns, looked at me perplexed before he decided to come at me with the sword.

    “You must be Art. Did you find your little Ms?” he said with a mocking, sarcastic laugh.

    “I know where she is, Amberman. She’s in Oneida. Now I want my son!”

    “First, tell me who’s that Indian you brought with you? And where did he get that strange medicine?”

    “From my ancestors!” Joe replied himself.

    He reappeared standing behind Amberman and he grabbed the criminal by the throat and the wrist of his sword hand. But Amberman was strong.
    He flipped Joe over his shoulder to the ground and brought down his sword but Joe disappeared once again in the nick of time. The sword struck the ground. Joe reappeared at his side and gave him a booming punch to the head which knocked him to the ground but Amberman was right back up again with only his horns askew.
    He charged Joe like a mad white buffalo and knocked Joe to the wall. It looked like Joe went through the wall because he vanished again. Every time he came back, the sword was in his face.
    Joe teleported again and again and Amberman slashed everywhere he thought Joe might reappear until finally he sliced our hero across the chest. Crimson stain colored his white shirt.

    I knew Joe needed help. So the next time Amberman thrust the sword, I stepped in and grabbed his wrist as a legendary warning came to mind.

    “Woe to him who sheaths the Sword of Laban before Christ returns!” I cried, reaching back to the table in the middle of the room.

    With one quick movement, I took the empty sheath from the table, sheathed the Sword of Laban in Amberman’s hand, and shoved him aside. Bolts of lightning from the Angel Moroni came flashing through the entrance of the cave, striking Amberman and jolting him until he lit up like a Christmas tree. The light show ended and he fell to the ground, smoldering like burnt amber and smelling like pine.

    Now it was just me and Bobby. Joe had vanished and didn’t return. I untied Bobby and hugged him with overwhelming joy.

    “Are you alright, Bobby?”

    “Yeah, Dad. Nicole was here. She helped me. She came out of nowhere. I knew it was her. She looked just like her age-enhanced pictures.”
    I would have dismissed him as a ranting child in shock if it wasn’t for what I had just witnessed. It certainly was a day full of wonders. (Little did I know then that Bobby was visited by his missing half-sister and she gave him the power to one day become a superhero defender of the missing and the lost. He would become the new Amber Man, the Amber Alert Man

    When everything was back to normal, I finally did go to Oneida to look for Nicole but all I found were Standing Stones. If you are reading this, Nicole, I love you and I miss you very much.

    • Herr M says:

      Bobby Marin/Kaiser?
      “[It] had something to do with Morinz’s books and his theory that the “Iceman legacy” is the genetic cause of human conflict. [Arthur Morinz is author of revisionist history books on subjects like the Holy Grail, and father of Maria Morinz, a famous missing child.] Bobby doesn’t believe the theory but he wants Maria to be associated with another enduring mystery. That way she won’t be forgotten, even long after her case is closed.”

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    Clues and references to most recent American grail findings and to the mystery of Mary Kelly.

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