Why are three so many Mary’s in the bible

Men and women who held high positions in certain Jewish religious communities took on the names of particular ancestors according to their rank in the community. Wives of the Davidic male line took the name of Miriam (Mary). Jesus’s mother was therefore a Mary, and his wife would have been a Mary, too. There are several Biblical Marys, but we can now ask our questions about the two Marys involved in the two questions that follow.

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3 comments on “Why are three so many Mary’s in the bible

  1. Tyler James says:

    Who is the third Mary that was at the Crucifixion of Jesus? The Disciples only mention two being Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joseph.


  2. HOLYGRAIL says:

    Its simple if ye have faith, the “Holy Grail so to speak is the “Sangreal” bloodline, the bloodline of Christ, there for whom would have this bloodline potentially would be immune from the theoretical aspects of death as perceive and along the same lines of that of Christ as he Arose from the “Dead”
    sometimes the answer is always in front of you eyes, one just takes no time to peer that way : )
    God bless

    • kim crump says:

      I Am Here in front of you…..I am on face book Kim Susan Crump I am writing a book with Jesus Conversation of the century to save the world brought to you through conversations with God

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