If Jesus Were Indeed Married To Mary Magdalene, Does His Bloodline Still Exist?

First of all, let it be understood that there is no absolute proof that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, let alone that they produced offspring. However, there are indications that this might have been so and, until proof turns up one way or the other, one should keep an open mind. It is certainly more interesting to do so!

There are several sources that the interested reader can pursue, one of the most meticulous being the writings on the subject by Dr Barbara Thiering (see Jesus the Man) based on her careful studies of commentaries on the Old Testament books in the Dead Sea Scrolls. These old documents provide vital clues to understanding the procedures and rituals that would have been followed by Jesus and Mary had they gone through the complex ceremonies of marriage and the rules dictating the specific times at which pregnancy was allowed.

Laurence Gardner points out that Mary Magdalene’s royal heritage would have made her a fitting partner for the heir to the Davidic dynasty. He further interprets Acts 6:7 and the parable of the Sower and the Seed (Mark 4:8) to indicate that Jesus became the father of a son. Other sources suggest that as many as three children were born to Mary Magdalene and Jesus.

In terms of the marriage theory, a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene would have been the fusing of two royal Jewish bloodlines. Jesus was of the House of David and descended from King Solomon, king of the Jews. Mary Magdalene was of the royal House of Benjamin. The political potential of such a union is undeniable, since it contained the threat of future political upheaval were an attempt ever made to restore the line of Jewish kings. Such a threat would have been not only to Rome, but also to those Jewish groups – sometimes referred to as Herodians – who had accepted the rule of Rome and were materially benefiting from it. 

A continuing bloodline would clearly have represented a long term threat, which would explain why Mary Magdalene would have had to leave the Holy Land without delay after the Crucifixion.

Some sources give the name of Jesus’ son as Jesus Justus. He would, in turn, have been heir to the Davidic dynasty. He was called Alain in the Grail tradition. Some sources claim that he married a granddaughter of Nicodemus in 73 AD, but died childless, so that the younger son of Jesus, Josephes, became heir.

In terms of documentation in favour of this theory, the heritage, as described by Laurence Gardner in Bloodline of the Holy Grail, passed to Josephes’s son, Josue, from whom the Fisher kings were descended.

The so-called ‘Fisher Kings’ (priest-kings or ‘fishers of men’) were the descendants of the House of Judah, and it is said that the Merovingian line was descended from Jesus through the Fisher Kings. Gardner says that the Merovingian branches of the family became the Counts of Toulouse and Narbonne and the Princes of a territory between France and Spain.

According to genealogist Gardner, the 12-year-old Jesus Justus visited Britain in 49 AD with Joseph of Arimathea. He points out that this event is celebrated in old West Country ballads, as well as in William Blake’s beautiful poem, “Jerusalem”.

A stone was set in the south wall of St Mary’s Chapel in Glastonbury to commemorate Jesus Justus’s visit. It was inscribed “Jesus Maria” and was much visited by pilgrims in the Middle Ages. It is of interest that the original chapel on the site was begun in 63 AD which was immediately after the death of Mary Magdalene in Provence and is said to have been dedicated to his mother by Jesus Justus in the following year. At this time, her son Josephes was Bishop of Saraz, the present Gaza.

Fact or legend? Only time will tell… and only then if old manuscripts come to light that contain evidence sufficiently convincing to silence official opposition

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46 comments on “If Jesus Were Indeed Married To Mary Magdalene, Does His Bloodline Still Exist?

  1. richy cleland says:

    i am a member of the royal black perceptory looking for the truth about our life where we come from and who is looking after us in blood and by the craftsman himself

  2. SELENE USHER says:


    • Its so funny…..that religion itself…is man-made,…further more the chruch and its people or known as followers are all business partners…to serve to protect is the business……if jesus and god did really exist then why so many religious factors/…..example if a diamond was formes 3,000 years ago and its value…it would be to this day nothing would change………well wana based all this by faith and faith alone isnt enough to prove theres a higher power…as humans we die and fear death and the unknown,,,and man itself cannto accpet when you die thats it theres no after life……but we continue to make other beleive theres a higher power we kill for it more poeple have died because of this quest if god is real or not and on top different faiths with no proof wana make others think their closer to the real god……seriously when does one man decide enough is really enough and live life to the fullier end and make life count then beleive on something based on a book that has been proven with in it self and proven wrong by others so many many times/……..how people are willing to sell their souls to say its real but faith alone is useless when facts and science is the higher power……

      • austin robinson says:

        some humans do not fear death cause they are willing to die cause they know whats in the after life. i know whats ther cause my faith in jesus is no more than any man that beleives with all ther heart. im not afraid to die only afraid to burn in hell but we all die that is true dont fear it embrace the fact that ther is somthing ther cause god has saved me from many thing in my life hopfully he will save me from dieing when i join the marines. so good luck to you all that dont believe cause you need to we are not going to force you we just hope you wil turn to god now beofore it is to late. live long and have peace and love my brothers and sisters.

  3. […] was considered a prostitute. But, what if Mary was indeed of the House of Benjamin as is sometimes suggested? That would have made her of royal blood. We know Jesus was of the House of Salomon, so a marriage […]

  4. Sandie says:

    yes she had 2 daughters too. Sarah and Ester. I am always searching for the truth. To bad the churches believe the lies told so long ago..

  5. Jason Hallam says:

    Hi there, How are you, I not to sure what is happening to me, Really wanting to learn, I think im on the right track but unsure, Help would be greatly appreciated, I thank you very much, For you intrest, If there is anything you need to know, I would be glad to tell you, I may think iit might have something to do with 11:11 activation and or maybe the pyramids maybe both, I think its spirts maybe angels, but not sure, very new to all of this, Was never intrested in anything like numorolgy or astrology, spitits and phnoenoms, Not sure if i have been choosen to complete some mission, I have this feeling of zeus and alderaban and the pyrimads electra and the seven pleaidies, and orions belt,

    Im not sure what all of this means but My brain has never been this thirsty for knowledge in my life,

    Thank you

    P.s if this means anything to you My dads birthday is the november 11 1950 but he past away when i was 5,
    My birthday is mAY 11 1978, There are 11 leters in my name Jason Hallam, I et my girlfriend last year and her birthday is november 16 1977, She has an 11 in her birthday too. then on christmas we went to her moms and i noticed her address was 1111, Weird?????
    Last year around my birthday I received this mysterious phone call from some english man, He was tring to send me a gift he asked me where i live And i told him, Never heard anything again from this person, Never recieved anything either that i now of. Also on christmas at my girlfriends mom house, Her moms boyfriend was a trucker and he picked this other trucker up cause suppolsily his truck broke and he needed a ride back to his truck, well anyway this man was english and he looked like an older me or a relitve of mine i have pictures to prove it, never heard anything from this guy again. So many things have been happening to me and i wouldnt know where to end.
    Heres somthing else, I also see the numbers 1111,222,333,444,555,777,888, Also 155 and the number 17 way to many times a day for it to be a coincidence and also see black birds latley and not sure what that means, Today when I was meditateing My mind made remember A golden phoenix and a sphinx and maybe a sun but unsure, Very unclear what all of this means I think im on the right track but my mind seems to wonder, but everywhere it wanders is somwhere where i have began, I feel that I never worry anymore, I feel that i might be someone else I dont know if its from the past or the present or future, but im not who i used to be, Im not scared I just need a little insight, I feel really good, Im a totally diffrent person with the flick of a light switch, but i need help to find out who the new me is

    Sorry for rambling
    Thank you
    I thank you very much for your insight, All the help i Get is very much appreciated, Just new to all of this, Not sure how to take it all in, I guess just day by day, Its just hard for me to understand because it is all very new to me, Last night i woke up 3 times, the first was 2:11 and the second was 4:33 and 6:22 little weird everytime i woke up last night was a master number, and if im not mistaken when i woke up it was 7:55, Im just so curious what it is, I do believe it is crist consiousnous. I feel that there is more, most of the time I dont feel like the old me, I feel that I might be someone else trying to escape, Its like all my old memories dissolved into nothing and im slowly forgetting who i used to be, Im not sure if that how to explain it but im not sure what im going throught, Sorry all my old memories are still there but i dont worry any more at all about them, I dont feel remorse anymore or pain, I stil feel, Obviously. I do smile and laugh, cry and get angree and frustrated sometimes, I still smell and feel, taste and see Its like its someone else I know its me, maybe the new me, or do you think it could be someone else, Its just weird how I inherited this gift, I think i got this under control as soon as i figure out who that phone call was from around my birthday in may 2006, I keep getting this weird feeling when the person on the other end of the birthday phone call i got in may 2006, I think It might been british goverment or somthing, like im being recruited for somthing, does this make any sense to you, Thank you
    Today i was watching a show on jesus, I never knew hardly anything about him till today. I found out that he loved mary a red haired prostitute, Sorry.

    That followed him, I swear to you, I fell in love with a redhead with long red hair just like mary, My girlfriend, True other half to complete us as one, also slep with people for money, My last name is hallam very very old name is there anyway that i could be realated to jesuses blood line.

    Thank you

    • D says:

      One,you need to chill……….and no,your a decendant,your getting a little off your rocker, the strangeness that’s happening to you is unbelievable, talk to a psych to help or a Catholic bushop

  6. Jhallam says:

    Hi there, Sure i would love to tell you more, Anyway who are u, And why would you like to know more. well first off. i have been having many more things happening to me in the past 2 years, I have been meditating and having visions on a daily basis, Some of these things include the letters b and b or maybe just bb and also bc, here are some numbers that i have also been seeing 155, 144, 11 not to sure if i have to rearage these numbers and letters but there is so many diffrent things to these numbers and letters its hard to find out exsactly what they mean, I know from meditation that ufo’s are the goverments, they have had technology like this for the past 50 to one hundred years I meditate and have vision of this bilderburg group and bohemian club, not to sure why my head would show me these things, I know there is no such law that states that we have to do taxes, its just a pathetic lie, Its all a money scam so they can get rich and try to conqour somthing that they cant control.
    here is somthing else i figured out but not to sure where to go with it yet,
    were based on a 12 around 1 system
    12 planets in our solar sytem
    12 dna strands around on body
    12 months in a 1 year
    12 hours in 1 day
    12 hours in one night
    12 apostles around 1 sun of god

    Anyway i know im on the right track cause there is someone teaching me, I cant wait to be able to be the one to teach

  7. Jay h says:

    Is it possible the picture of the last supper has to do with the 13 royal bloodlines that rule the earth today
    could these bloodlines be the lost tribes

  8. Jay h says:

    jesus died for the sins of the world as told to you by the oldest lie ever know, but what wasnt told is that the goverment killed him, jesus was murdered cause of the goverment sins, religion is the cover up for what really happend, religion is only half true if true at all. he was murdered by the goverment, he knew the true knowledge and how the goverment was doing it, two way mirrors/ mind control/ hi definition tv, the goverment got mind control knowledge from the pyramids hmmmmm pyramids brought the stars down to earth 144,000 mirrors on top, the shafts act as a periscope,

    ancient knowledge: pyramids brought the stars to earth, thats how the egyptians could map the skies so well

  9. Jay h says:


  10. Jay h says:

    Nobody knows who god is = religion is meant to keep you from the truth= like jesus said, nobody knows god not even jesus = so religion is a lie told to you, what people dont realize is that everything is a lie and they fall for it, its the stuff that you think is most unbielievable thats true.

    mirrors boys and girls mirrors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • austin robinson says:

      not to be rude but you need to not post stuff like this on this page. god is real beleive it or not or i would not be alive today look at the begining of the universe thers no possible way we were created from one atom by itself someone had to do it and can you prove me wrong my friend read the bible and please if you still dont beleive well keep it to yourself when ther is a cristian or cathlic around cause then they will argue with you over if god exist or not i hope you beleive in due time but i hope you do that beofre its to late cause we all need to beleive or we burn in hell i wish you a happy life my friend and good bye

  11. Jay h says:

    The star of david is the sun. Or possibly the next star born from the sun would be the star of david. We were born and the rest of the planets, We possibly could be test tube babies from a higher dimension or possible it could be evolution. If anyone wants continue living in this 3rd dimensioanl world then your going to have to move back a planet, a younger one like venus. Are planets are on a spiral path through the heavens and were on the 3rd line of the spiral moving to the forth line of the arc of the spiral. The reason the goverment is so curious about
    the planet mars is because earth is entering into the 4th dimension that means mars is leaving. so they want to see if there was survival after mars dimensional shift into the 4th dimension, All planets are moving and evolving into their next dimension. So what that means there is going to be another planet being born. The sun is going out three days so it can releses a new born star. BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. BOMBOW says:

    I know where the grail is kept , I’ve known since i was a boy. If i was to tell you that the direct descendant of Jesus of Nazareth are alive today and in the company of 12 other saints then you might find this far fetched, but i swear to you that this is the truth and i’m writing a book about it to let the world know. What i will tell you is that the current environment that these descendants live in are full of secrets, i actually know members of a family that have protected the bloodline for centuries iand i can prove this within historical fact and the smallest amount of presumption, and when i say smallest i mean smallest, no other possibles.The royal families of all round this world have a direct connection with this place which can be proven with hard facts, the guardians of this grail have always protected this place and within the next few years will become more apparent once other worldly powers try to take over, i can also guarantee that the Vatican is deeply involved with whats going on there.everyone i know who has visited this place would confirm my opinions on how saintly the current habitants are.If i was to tell you the whole story now then i would be doing our saviour the greatest misjustice as i believe he or she will come from there. I will be finishing this non fiction book within the next 12 months and i know that you will all believe me…. to be continued

  13. cunts vagina sauce says:

    BOMBOW, i, as are others i am sure, are interested to know of the title of your upcoming boook, it sounds very interesting. also that jay guy needs to lay of the crack.

  14. Daniel Dionne (Boislard) says:

    What if i told you that i was the 49 king and the one that is to site one the throun of Solomon. What if i told you that 13 is the unluky # bacause of what the church and governments over time has done to the bloodline of the true DEVINE bloodline. What if i told you that my fathers daeth was when he was 53 and that i was born in 76(67)one male would that meane anything to you.What if i tould you that i could not read in grade 8 because of the cathlic school and ther knolege of who i was and the things that happend to my dad and me over 50 years of BS bacause of my bloodline pepole do things and they dont know the true reasons why they are doing what they are doing. What if i tould you that the antycrist is made by the church just in case i would pike evil over good and that i am the one that has been riddin by a harlet. Trying to kill me and ruiend my life by the opsticals that has been set in place by her and friends ther is alot to the story that might be tould one day the pepole of Brantford and serounding areas know the trueth of my life. with the internet who knows now.

    • annoymous says:

      I’d say get professional help before it is to late and they do have medication for your condition. the movie was not about you and their are thousands who are claiming the same thing after Tom Hanks movie and the book DUH.

      • sret says:

        Wow…can I just say…everyone (generalized statement) here has a grammar problem. I’ve never read so many terribly written statements anywhere on the internet. There is no credibility when you seem illiterate.

        No one here is part of the bloodline of Jesus Christ. If you were, you wouldn’t be stating it online.

        Personally, I am searching for answers myself…and have had religious experiences even through my constant questioning and doubt on religion. I have gone from being a blind believer as a child, to an atheist, to an agnostic…and now I am a believer again. I won’t preach…or argue from a Christian point of view. That only closes non-believers off since many arguments for religion and Christianity don’t allow for valid, logical rebuttals…simply because arguments for religion are illogical.

        There are many things wrong in this world…many wrongs that need to be changed. But first and foremost, look to yourself…make yourself whole and true…enrich your lives first before you attempt at enriching others. This may be a lifelong journey, and those who say they are enriched and fulfilled are only showing what they truly don’t know…for stating such things is an act of confidence when we must humble ourselves to the world that we do not know. Don’t look to religion as the answer, as religion is, and always will be, a creation of this world. Be humble, be just, be truthful, fight for the meek, and stand against the wicked. Seriously…we shouldn’t be focusing on the ten commandments. They are necessary, and should already be in the core of every person…but those only reflect the old ways of doing things. Now that civilizations have advanced and grown…I believe Jesus’s teachings through the Beatitudes (Matthew, 5:3-12) should be how we look at the world.

        I apologize for stating so much on an old posting. I don’t ask you to listen to me…for I am simply human…and at 25, I hold no answers…or secrets…or anything. I know as much, and as little, as anyone else in this world. For that…I am humbled.

  15. leina says:

    I am Leina & i am waiting for my king… if not then by 2012 the world will end and the world will be destroyed and i will die so as everybody else

  16. leina says:

    the lord has given me 3 more years… but i beleive i will be with him in heavens gates.. judgement is close by.. my king has not found me.. for i am lost in this world ;

  17. cheryl says:

    I am A chemistry student and am totally facinat4ed with the story! I wonder what about the old debate, was Mary Mandela a whore? If she was wouldn’t it be crazy and wouldn’t she be the example of God’s forgiveness of all human mistakes, maybe she was an example of remembering all people are the same in God’s eyes, no matter their past?

  18. Rob says:

    as for the 12 around 1 theory below, there’s only 8 planets in our solar system. Retake 3rd grade or something man.

  19. Dustin says:

    Simply amazing, made me read alot more on this subject thanks alot!

  20. […] The typical Gen Yer boy believes he’s the best thing since sliced bread. He’s a winner because he’s been told he’s special, different, and unique his whole life. And he probably is all of the above because his mother needed fertility drugs to help in the conception at age 35+. While growing up, he was coddled and cooed at as if he was the next Messiah. If I want to date him, I have to become Mary Magdalene. She’s the “penitent sinner” aka reformed whore, and the questionable wife of Jesus. […]

  21. sherryl veinot says:

    I’m very open minded. But I also believe in God . I would like to know if Jesus did have children. How would we find out if there is a blood line and if anyone was connected to this blood line. Also if Jesus did marry Mary and we have called her a prostitute for hundreds of thousand of years I can’t believe that he would too pleased with us knowing this.

  22. annoymous says:

    None of you are related to the blood line of mary magdalene all delusions on your part. If anyone was really related to her they never admit to it. there is gods source of the churches power on earth. But it is not dead person, it is a living person and only the worthy can find the holy grail. But first you must find a blue rose.

  23. austin robinson says:

    those who beleive and are willing to protect the bloodline of jesus and the people that worship him will know the truth in due time you just got to wait amd be paitent the truth will unfold to you and listen when they start you might not know when they unfold to you so listen every day and hope that it unfolds that day

  24. Lynn Habib says:

    + I want you to read this +:

    And Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him, saying, “God forbid it, Lord! This must never happen to you.” But he turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; for you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.”

    So there you go, Jesus and his HOLINESS is IMMEASURABLE.


    Whoever should have true sorrow and contirtion or repentance for his sins, and comply with the prayers during one year, I will pardon all his sins from the day he was born until his death and I will save him from the power of the demon and from his temptations; and if he is wicked; he will become good and continually I wil save his sould from the first of hell.

    from Lord of Pardon

  25. luna says:

    I believe that jesus was a normal man, a magician, not unlike some figures in today’s modern world! God is something I can’t believe in, if he supposedly created this world did he create every other planet in the entire universe too? Doubt that very much somehow! If interested see how many stars are in our galaxy alone, and then see our local group of galaxies! To many people had died in the name of God and people fear a god! That isn’t something that I would want to worship! Just one more thing, what about all the other Gods that supposed to have existed in the past Greek, Egyptian??? These ones not important anymore then? No doubt the god that people think exists now will fall into the same pattern and a new diety will be formed in the future!!

    • sret says:

      Everything is unknown. We believed many different scientific facts long ago as well. The Earth was accepted as the center of the universe until we grew into a more knowledgeable society that accepted there was more to it. What if we go back to times when we didn’t even know what the moon, sun, and stars were at all? God(s) have existed for thousands of years, don’t you think we would also refine our idea of a deity (If you can’t spell it…Google it…) as we learn more about it? Why must we have God figured out the first time around? Who is to say that we have it figured out? I don’t think anyone truly knows.

  26. Cooolmoedee says:

    I dont believe in denominations or even these buildings we call churches.The ONLY thing I have to do is believe in Jesus Christ and God..A prayer for YOU that you Hear also.Have no worrys as my Lords tell me and kick back and watch for Jesus to come on the clouds.ppl will decieve you as Jesus says.Dont let em.Its that simple.Its The Word of God and Us..NOT The Word of God and Them!(the decievers). LOVE YOU brothers and Sisters.WATCH FOR HIM!YES!!

  27. LawlessMONKS says:

    We all know that there were far more gospels than are in the new testament and that the ones present in the new testament were chosen by man. The bible did NOT arrive from heaven via a fax machine!! History is also written by the victors (in this case the church) and they have obviously deemed it necessary to omit certain gospels from the new testament. If the catholic church has nothing to hide then let us all have access to these gospels. As for the royal bloodline of Jesus? well he was male and a man thinks about sex every 7 seconds on average and the church tries to tell us that he was celibate?!!!! I hope one day that the church comes tumbling down, in fact i hope every religion comes tumbling down, hopefully that will stop the idiots who fight in the name of god or allah or buddha (well maybe not buddha but you catch my drift). It is my personal belief that the offspring of Jesus’s bloodline are walking around today whether he got it on with Mary Magdalene or some other bird but at the end of the day he was just a man, a clever man but a man none the less so what does it really matter?

  28. LawlessMONKS says:

    PS: If the world’s gonna end on 21st December 2012 then the bloodline needs to come forward soon otherwise it’ll be a bit too late!!

    PPS: The PS above does not stand for the Priory of Scion or Princess Sophie or purple seagulls for that matter ( just incase you all got confused). : )

  29. Henrietta says:

    The main thing is that people should stop worrying about the bloodline especially those that think they are related on earth to Jesus. We all are… Spiritual brothers and sisters. If there is a bloodline we should just pray for that person because when he or she comes out they have a great deal of work to do and that is to prepare the way for our kings coming… We are all queens and kings in the fathers eyes. You just have to choose to either eat with the pigs or feast with the king. The parable of the prodigal son… Read it my people….

  30. omisha says:

    i don’t know much about christianity but myself intrested in knowing truth of the heirs of jesus

  31. kenyatta smith says:

    I enjoyed this article as I often wonder about parts or aspects of Jesus’s life that, for one reason or another, were not included in the official doctrine. A friend of mine heard that Jesus had or at least could have had a wife. But if that were true that he was married, why wouldn’t that fact be more celebrated?

  32. sidharth mm says:

    is the priory of sion alive or die….

  33. fgh says:

    İsa is Alexander The Great (King of Kings) and his wife is roxanne (Mary Magdalane) whose child is from Saint John (Yuhanna)

  34. fgh says:

    Alexander the great’s bloodlines no exist, Yuhanna’s bloodline exist.

  35. Hi my name is Charlotte Bullen some of my family said I’m in the bloodline to Jesus and it on are family tree just thought you would like to know

    • I think knowing who Jesus is according to the New Testament accounts is a good place to see the family tree of Jesus. In Mark 15:21 Simon the Cyrene carries the tree, the cross, of Jesus. That Bible verse identifies Simon as being the Father of Alexander and Rufus. Now of course one can argue that Simon was merely Alexander’s and Rufus’ spiritual father, the Rock on which the Church is built. Legends and stories told about the Teacher who Mary Magdalene loved are no doubt true. Legend describes her as a pretty woman or a woman with beautiful red hair. I wonder if her real name was Mary or if the name Mary was a name the Teacher gave her when he spoke to her from the tomb garden? Remember how Naomi, a widow woman said: Don’t call me Naomi, the pleasant woman, any longer. From now on, call me Mara for the Lord has treated me exceedingly bitter. The Truth is sometimes exceedingly bitter to face, especially when we know we have been hiding from her out of fear. Remember how Nicodemus loved the dark more than the light? Many Christians would like to keep the mystery about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their true identities. They love the dark and the mystery because they are afraid if the Truth were known, the Teacher’s wife, Martha, the gracious “Lady” of the Gospel and their children would be hurt. Please feel free to drop by my website http://www.lindavogtturner.ca to check out my book “The Ecumenical Affair” and my other writing. Please add a comment to my site or message me. I’d love to hear more about your family connection.

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